Family and Kids

What you will get from a family session is a fun experience, an opportunity to be yourselves, and the confidence in knowing that you will absolutely LOVE your photos! -MW

“Max has photographed my family, collectively and individually, several times. Apart from his terrific eye in setting up a good shot and his technical skill in capturing the shot, Max has a wonderful way of making us feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. His photos are treasures!” ¬†-Jay Hill

“My family and I are never using another photographer. No other person behind a camera can capture what Max can. It’s not just the magic in lighting he can see or the way he can spot beauty in natural scenery, but he can capture the wonder in a child’s face, the love in a husband’s eyes, and depth of an actor’s range just in a headshot. He’s amazing with kids (no, he’s fantastic with kids!), and his shoots are more than just getting pictures taken- it’s an experience filled with laughs, joy, and fun. And I always come away feeling better about my own self image!”

-Samantha Dearing

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